Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time dwindles...

Well it's been almost too long since I last posted here. Time really does fly when you're having fun I guess and these past 4 weeks have definitly been a blast. It's funny but once you start making money and getting regular work things seem to go much better in Maui. Not that I'm really rolling in dough though. Mostly I am now making enough to stay on top of my bills regularly. For me that's plenty enough.

But life has been much better as of late. I've been getting regular call backs to sub all the time. Well not this week for some reason so this pay period is going to be super weak. I'll survive though. But I just finished 2 weeks of subbing for a 3rd grade class and it was a blast. I definitly need to get my certification for elementary school. It took me back to those months I taught 3rd grade at Nelson Place. Super fun and not too hard. I didn't have kids yelling at me and swearing at me all the time. I'm actually back in that class again tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Tomorow is also my secon to last track meet with Maui Prep. It's been an up an down season. I love the coaching and have a couple kids who are really into it. I've also had almost every kids run PBs and set new school records. It's amazing what can happen when kids get actually coaching and are forced to put effort behin their training. I've applied for a couple teaching positions out here for next year. If I get offereed a job I am really tempted to take it. It's kind of funny that the closer I get to leaving the more I am leaning toward coming back for another school year. I guess we'll have to see what my options are come end of august. These kids go back about 2 weeks earlier than those in Massachusetts. But they get out mid May. Not too shabby. Plus the schools have more days off than any other state.
Training has been going pretty well too. Not gonna lie, have not been swimming as much as I probably should have considering I live on a tropical island and the water is always warm. But the biking has been going awesome. I've done a time trial race that went pretty well and a West Maui Loop race that went awesome. Both races I had great closing miles. I think I could have gone faster in the time trial but I finished really well in the last 2 miles of it. Running is average. Not really hammering it quite yet but once I get home I am gonna step that aspect of my training up.
So it looks like I'm taking a trip over to Oahu the day before I leave for Worcester. Yeah, so I wasn't really paying attention to what airport I booked out of and accidently booked from there instead. So it only costs me about 75 bucks to fly over there. I'll stay with my friend Shana an get to spend an eveing in Honolulu so it's not a complete loss. Then... homeward bound. A month and a half in Worcester then the Cape. Life is pretty sweet.
I know I'm gonna get shit for this from alot of people back home but I didn't try surfing out here until just a couple days ago. The first day was only for an hour because Jon an I were a little pressed for time. But then we went out again today and within 2 or 3 tries I was up standing and even rode a wave in for about 5 seconds. But my problem is that its so shallow I bail out early. I am pretty paranoid since I gashed open my big toe 2 weeks ago. But Jon is saying I pop up super quick and have good mechanics. So I plan on getting out there at least 3 or 4 more times before I roll out of here.
So in the past 2 days I posted on craigslist to sell my scooter and camping gear. Within 24 hours I ha a buyer for the scooter. 800 dollars. Not too ba since I paid 1399 including taxes and handling. I get rid of that May second. And just a little while ago sold the camping gear for 100 bucks. A little cheaper than I would have wanted but not too bad since I thought I would not be able to unload it. So all in all I should be leaving here with an extra 900 dollars in my pocket.
I do have a good amount of cleaning to o around here before I leave. Everything from cleaning the walls to steam cleaning the rugs. There's also the bathroom I'll have to give another cleaning to. Though since I cleaned it a couple weeks back it is not nearly as bad as it was. God forbid anyone else stepped up and made an attempt. But I guess they would have if I wasn't here. Some people it seems felt my presence was a cause for them not to clean. Perhaps I was a bit too clean for them. You know, wanting dishes washed more than once a week, lights not left on all day. Those sorts of things.
But it's all good. I've have a really good time out here and am soon going back to Worcester and my friends. Then before you know it i'll be on the cape getting paid to sit on a beach 5 days a week, train as much as I like and hang out each night with a ton of fun people. How can one find any fault with that?
But what about the fall? Do I come back here for another winter season? Do I stay in Worcester and finally take steps toward getting my silly masters degree? It seems like getting one's master is the thing to do these days. What about a job? I got a couple interviews lined up for positions in worcester and wachusett. Then there is coaching at Clark. I definitly want to be there for the full seaosn. I was pretty bummed to miss out on the Conference race last fall. And I'm not gonna lie, I really missed everyone over there more than I thought. I think maybe if I have a reason to stay in Worcester I'll stay there. I can always come out here for vacations in the winter and spring.
It's something to think about. I got time. But not now. Now it's time to go shower, eat some oreos and milk and sleep. Tomorrow I got me a busy schedule.

Til then,
Stay classy

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